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The Company has entered into the Futures Trading in Commodities since it has opened up spectacular growth opportunities and advantages not only for large cross section of market participants like: producers, processors, traders, corporate, trading centres, importers, exporters, co-operatives, industry associations but for investors community too.

The Company affords us a very dynamic field for diversified investment & trading opportunities in addition to equity markets to the investors.

The Company is in a position to offer comprehensive and prompt service of advising from its expertise and deal in the commodities market through its subsidiary M/s. ADVANTAGE COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED, Mumbai which is a TCM (Trading cum Clearing member) of MCX under the Company is entitled to trade on its own accounts as well as on account of its clients.

The Company offers trading in many commodities such as bullion (gold, silver), energy (crude oil, natural gas), metals, food grains (rice, maize), spices, oil and oil seeds and others. The company can carry on the business of buying, selling and trading in all kind of commodities.

The Company has a diversified client base that includes HNIs, retail customers, corporate clients and others.